Party Pooper Gel Remover – LASHtini
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Party Pooper Gel Remover


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Our LASHtini Party Pooper Gel Remover removes lashes with ease
  • Gel type makes it easy to apply and safer around client's eyes
  • Apply to extensions with Lint-free Wands
  • Do not use when a client is wearing contacts

Instructions for removal:
  • Make sure client is NOT wearing contacts
  • Gently cleanse lashes, if necessary
  • Cover lower lashes with gel pads
  • Instruct client to keep their eyes closed the remainder of the process
  • Apply a coating of the gel remover to adhesive areas of extensions with lint-free wands.
    The gel remover allows you to apply product without worrying that it is going to run into your client's eyes. We put a coating on the lashes that is thick enough for the gel can penetrate the adhesive without risking going into your client's eyes.
  • Let stand for 3 minutes
  • Gently begin to work the remover into the lashes and 'roll' the lint-free wands over the lashes to loosen the extensions
  • Once extensions are removed, remove gel pads
  • Use a cotton pad soaked with eye wash to gently wipe away any excess product
  • Ask the client to wash with lash shampoo immediately following the service.
  • If you are removing and then reapplying a new set, please make sure the clients lashes are VERY clean before starting the application process.