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Lash Shampoo Foam Pump w/label


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Teach your clients proper aftercare to help them protect their investment. These foam pump bottles are perfect for including in your aftercare kit for clients, in your bathroom for them to wash their lashes before their appointment and at your station for last minute cleaning.

  • 50m/1.7oz foam pump bottles are perfect for mixing lash shampoo
  • These bottles come with a shampoo fill line for easy filling
  • Eyelids and lashes must be washed daily to remove natural oils that can cause premature lash loss and other conditions.
  • Lash Shampoo is a safe, effective and soothing wash for your lashes.
  • Coordinates perfectly with Aftercare cards for client aftercare kits
  • For quantity discounts, this item is listed in the Bulk Pricing category for purchases of 10 or more

Lash Shampoo Recipe
1 part Baby Shampoo
3 parts Bottled Water
1 tsp Baking Soda
Shake well. Use daily.